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FM Group began in Poland in September 2004 when Artur Trawinski had the idea of offering high quality fine fragrances at affordable prices via a team of independent distributors. FM Group which markets the FM Federico Mahora range of fragrances has expanded rapidly the concept quickly became very popular and the business expanded to neighboring countries. Its success is based on the very traditional Network Marketing formula of supplying high quality products at affordable prices.

Today, FM Group is supplying many thousands of distributors in more than 50 countries with 500,000.000 consumers around the world. More offices will be open soon, as the demand for FM Group products and the FM opportunity spreads.

FM Group fragrances are created by DROM, one of the largest and most respected perfume creation companies in the world, with over 100 years of experience of providing the finest fragrances for other leading perfume brands. Nearly all well known branches buy perfume concentrate from DROM. So like Chanel can buy a perfume concentrate from Drom, mix this with alcohol and water and name it Chanel NO5, FM Group buy the same perfume concentrate mix it their way and name it FM 021. Yes, that is possible, sins only Drom hold the legal rights of this scent and none else. They can decide who to sell to or not.

FM Group Perfume products source and use the same ingredients as the expensive designer brands but as they do not use Supermodels and expensive advertising campaigns in glossy magazines, or expensive department stores to promote their products they are able to bring you exceptional perfumes at reasonable prices.

FM Group Perfume Concentrations

Designer perfume companies in general offer them either an Eau de perfume or most commonly Eau de toilettes in department and specialty stores. These are generally in concentrations of 8-16% for Eau de perfume and 4-6% for Eau de toilettes, the rest being made up of alcohol. Not the FM Group Perfume. 

FM Group fragrances offer stronger concentrations:

  • Ladies fragrances are perfumes with 20% concentration
  • Men’s fragrances are Eau de perfume with 16% concentration (the difference in concentration for men’s range is due a difference in the amount of oil produced in men’s skin)

A higher concentration of pure essence means that FM Group Perfume and fragrances remaining longer on your skin. Now it is your moment to choose your favorite scent from the FM range of products and experience the quality for yourself.

Choosing a new perfume can be a daunting task as there is such a large range of different fragrances on offer these days. The fragrance you wear can say a lot about who you are so it is important to persuade it correctly. Our products are made for people of every age. With so many fragrances, there is something for everyone. We offer you high quality products and many alternative fragrances, perfect in every way. They invigorate your senses, even those that are very demanding.

All of our products are only available from FM Group Independent Distributors which means we can keep our prices low, while still ensuring that our customers enjoy classic and luxury fragrances.

Perfumes Glossary:

Accord: It is equivalent to a chord in music. An accord in perfumery describes a balanced complex of 3 or 4 fragrance notes which lose their individual identity to create a completely new, unified odor impression. Each component material is in balance and harmony with each other so that no single component can be detected.

• Top note is strongest when a fragrance is first applied
• Middle note develops next and will last for a few hours
• Base note lasts all day

Perfume (Extract): Most highly concentrated form of fragrance, containing a high percentage of perfume compounds (about 20-50%), the strongest and the longest lasting.

Eau de Parfum: An alcoholic perfume solution containing a relatively high percentage of perfume compound (about 10-15%). Eau de Toilette: An alcohol/water based perfume solution containing a moderate percentage perfume compound (about 3-8%).

Cologne (Women’s): A light form of specific fragrance with a relatively low concentration of perfume compound (about 3%) in an alcohol water base. The term is derived from Eau de Cologne, one of the original fragrance compositions.

Term used in the industry for the concentrated perfume or flavor mixture before it is diluted or used in products.

Cologne (Men’s): More concentrated than the women’s cologne (about 5-8%). It is similar to the strength of a women's Eau de Toilette. A men’s After Shave by comparison will be somewhat lighter (about 3-5%).

Chemicals produced by living organisms and are used to transmit messages to other member of the same species. Nature has provided them so that we can communicate rapidly and efficiently by means of scents. The secret to pheromones lies in their discreet strength and the way they affect our personal environment.

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