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Comment posted by Atilio( ), 02/29/2012 at 8:18pm (UTC):
Poverty and Ignorance (lack of eicoatdun), I believed are universal. I'd been here in california for 32 yrs. It's even harder over here than there because the beggar were bigger and stronger than the giver, of which we pinoy will say You're healthy and strong and yet begging? Be ashame of your self . We can not do that over here. In my neighboring City, a Pinoy who just recently arrived from Phil was shot to death because a guy asked him a cigarette in the gasolin station and he responded by saying you have a car and you can not buy a cigarette? In the 80 s the first time I took a vacation here people couldn't believed that there is such thing as beggar, homeless, etc. in USA they laugh at me as if I'm crazy. When it comes to eicoatdun eicoatdun here are free upto highschool and there are so many helps both from the Govt' and private sector for higher educ. But still . . .I think life is a mysterious thing. People has to see both poverty and abundance in order to know and learn. We will never know what is rich if there is no poor. We will never know who are the good people if there is no bad, either. Some people were born with a wealthy parent some are not, same with understanding. There are so many people who has lesser understanding that others irespected of their educ attainment. So, I think, we should be thankful to God (or whatever to those who don't believe in God) that we are not so much so of the lesser group. All we can do is open our heart to have love and compassion and be thankful for them because without them we will never know what is a poor and rich) . Now , they serves their purpose of being. I always advised my policeman nephew not to be too personal in enforcing the law and never hate a law breaker because without them he will sure ly loss his job. (Dp, I just want to tell you that, I think you are copying me! Who in the wide world told you my secret? Can you just grin a little bit for me. pls.Jack

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