How We sell:

Our sales approach is simple and effective. We simply ask two questions:

    1. "What is your favorite fragrance?"
    2. "If I could show you a fragrance from the same fragrance family, of equal or better quality that you could buy at a fraction of the cost, would you be interested?"

Assuming that your acquaintance says "yes", we offer 3-5 fragrances that they might enjoy. That's it. No pressure. No hard sell. Simplicity itself.

The reason for our Success:

What accounts for our incredible success? Perhaps it is because the FM Fragrance has created a new model for direct selling - one that eliminates the negatives and strengthens the positives.

Exceptional Flexibility

Main advantages of an FM Group distributor

  • 40% Profit margin on each product you sell, regardless of the order total
  • You will gain a commission from your sales
  • You will gain a commission from your team’s sales, unrelated to their own commission
  • High quality, affordable, sought after products
  • There’s no minimum order, no maximum one
  • There’s no monthly target
  • Unique, modern and efficient Marketing Plan
  • Leaders can sign up new distributors in any country where there’s an FM Group branch
  • After registering within FM Group, the company will give you a distributor code and a password that will allow you daily to view your activity report
  • Great rewards for leaders


What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is simply a distribution system which moves goods or services directly from a manufacturer to the consumer through a network of Independent Distributors.


In the traditional Retail Products path, products are moved from manufacturer to wholesaler, advertiser, retailer and finally the consumer. Compare this with Network Marketing where products are passed from the Manufacturer directly to Independent Distributors.


Do I need to carry inventory?

No! FM GROUP does not require you to carry any inventory. Customers have the option to purchase sample products as part of their Starter Kit.


What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme often without any products or services being delivered.


Is FM GROUP a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not! All Distributors, irrespective of their carrier path with FM GROUP, purchase products directly from FM GROUP at the same wholesale price and resale to customers at suggested catalogue price. There is no bonus or commission earned for enrolling other people, nor is it required.


How do I join FM GROUP Zamboanga City?

To become a Zamboangueño Representative, you need to complete and sign our Zamboanga City Application Form. This form must be signed by you and your sponsor (the person who introduced you to FM GROUP Zamboanga).


You may also optionally purchase a Starter Kit from your sponsor..

Our Starter Kit costs Php 2,950.00 it has 72 samplings both Pour Femme and Pour Homme and it includes the following:

  •   2 50ml bottles under Classic Collections
  •  1 Product Catalogue
  •  1 Marketing Plan


Does a Sponsor receive any compensation for the purchase of a Starter Kit by a new Representative?

No. No one earns any bonus or compensation from the purchase of a Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is used as a working tool in helping Distributors build their business without having to carry any inventory and with minimal investment. The Starter Kit is used by Distributors and their customers for sampling perfumes before making a purchase.


Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Remember, your success depends only on you!

We can only show you a way to get there! Good luck!



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FM Group of Fragrance
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Western Mindanao State University (WMSU)
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Univesidad de Zamboanga (UDEZ)

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